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Around the end of 1990 I attended a high school reunion, from our 1975 leaving year group.  While catching up and trying to recognise old friends, I reconnected with Jenny.

Now Jenny and I were just friends at school, good friends and I was delighted to see her again. During our catch up Jenny divulged that she was doing volunteer work with a new organisation called Camp Quality.  CQ was an organisation that provided an outlet to kids with Cancer and their families, they followed a basic plan of “laughter is the best medicine”.  The assistance came in many ways, from camps and fun outings and activities, to home support and hospital visits, to name a few.

The more Jenny talked about her role and the Camp Quality team the more the penny dropped.

I was always blessed to have been raised in a family with both parents gave back to society whenever they could,  but this chance meeting inspired me to become involved.

Over the next 14 yrs CQ was a big part of my life, one that also included my children getting involved and volunteering when they were old enough.  It had monumental challenges and displayed to me peoples real courage, compassion, strength and determination in the face of the most horrible outcomes. I was privileged to be welcomed into families that had travelled a road that no one should have to travel and be part of the journey, and tragically, on some occasions been able to share and support them in their grief when the life of their child was lost.  This was contradicted by the utter joy in seeing families and kids beat this horrible disease and start to rebuild their lives and life.

It truly demonstrated to me that following that chance meeting, to give when ever you can, in any way you can, is the greatest gift you can receive.

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